Friday, 24 February 2017

Apple ][ Mini Replica

MattLinapple Operating System is now part of Retroconnector by Charles Mangin sold also on Etsy enjoy his creation:

This is an Apple ][ mini replica

 The inside with Raspberry pi B2 well connected

operating system working in this machine

The presentation of Boulevard game playing in MattLinapple

Boulevard gameplay

I hope you enjoy this recreation of Apple ][ like i do! 

A little of History about MattLinapple.

MattLinapple is born in april 2016 like MacApple Operating System, it was a modified Raspbian GUI with Apple ii, Apple iigs and Macintosh emulators. It was donated to the Apple II enthusiasts facebook group like MacApple and had a nice success.After that i want to try to built an Operating System more similar to the one offered by the original  Apple //e, and i made it working in the 2016/10 Retrochallenge competiton for my Apple //e in paper Case Raspberry pi Computer.It was really fun and sometimes hard to develop it but i got the Retrochallenge people Enthusiasm and it was great!
After Retrochallenge competition, i have found an Apple ii hardware shop interested in my software, i helped the propietary to build the description and image of the site and we sold a little number of them to the public, the money was as little as you can think for software of a 40 years old computer but the satisfaction was high! : ).
Now Mattlinapple is sold with Charles Mangin wonderful Raspberry pi case Apple ii reproduction and i'm happy this Operating System have found his hardware like the Early Days!!!

Matteo Trevisan

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